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Laser Drilling Machine

Scantech Laser Pvt. Ltd. has developed a unique Laser Drilling Machine to drill a hole in tablet used for controlled release of Drug. Tablet drilling machine is loaded with Automatic Feeding System, Color Sensors which senses the drilling side, rejection chute and with various customized different automation. An accurate whole size as per the requirement helps to release the drug by OSMOSIS Technology. We have supplied machine to M/s CIPLA Ltd, M/s SUN Pharma Ltd., Wockhardt etcâ€Â¦ for this application.

The system, basically is the rotating disk with capability of conveying tablet (generally round in shape) from the hopper vibratory stand alone with tablet dispensing on to inclined disk, (for further clarity see the photograph) to the laser drilling station, at which point laser A (from top side) or Laser B (from Bottom side), where the drilling of tablet coating will take place. The specially built custom electronics will decide which laser to be fired. The decision is taken by a highly reliable color sensor which can differentiate between the contrasts of a bilayer tablets two sides. The sensor is placed just 1 index before the laser drilling location.

The real time laser fire sensor is continuously looking for any reflection from the tablet of the irradiating laser pulse, which are also very closely located in the vicinity of laser beam delivery lenses. Based on the judgment a positive, decision is made by the controlling electronics as whether a particular tablet has been drilled either from side A or side B. If no drilling has taken place, then same circuitry generates a Irradiating pressure pulse so that the undrilled tablet falls back in to the recirculation or into the rejection bin (OR to another rotary disk of 2nd stage camera inspection system ,if option II is also ordered) via reject chute .The drilled tablets are removed as production by another prod. Nozzle, with the help of pressure pulse in to the production bin. Production is counted automatically.

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