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Laser Marking Machine

Scantech Laser Pvt. Ltd. is one of reputed Manufacturers & Suppliers of Laser Marking Machine. We deal in various types of Laser Marking Machine like Fiber Laser Marking Machine, Co2 Laser Marking Machine, Diode Laser Marking Machine, and Capsule Laser Marking Machine. All these machines are manufactured using advanced technology and high grade components & materials.

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We are engaged in manufacturing Fiber Laser Marking Machine. The LW Mark F1 laser marking machines are maintenance-free and pulsed Ytterbium fiber laser. These lasers deliver a high power laser beam directly to the work piece via a flexible metal-sheathed single mode fiber cable. The lasers provide a wide choice of pulse durations,

CO2 Laser Marking Machine
Pro Mark Co2 laser is a sealed off, RF excited Co2 laser capable of Continuous waves or modulated operation with air cooling. Marking, cutting and perforating natural and synthetic fabric gives very interesting result. It is possible to engrave raw wood, semi finished, finished and even polished wood. Pro Mark

Diode Laser Marking Machine
We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting Diode Laser Marking Machine. Our hi-tech Diode Laser Marking Machine can efficiently deal with materials like Acrylic, Paper, Plastic, Glass, Leather, Metal, and to name a few. With its professionally designed laser resonator, the quality of beam is made superior. This resonator also expands the

We are one of the largest manufacturers of Capsule Laser Marking Machine.

The system consists of the following
  • Vibratory feeder which feeds the tablets into the disc Hooper.
  • Revolving Disc having cavities as per the product (either rounder or caplets)
  • Highly sensitive color