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Rotary Laser Cutting Machine

Scantech Laser Pvt. Ltd. brings forth Patriot FR400 Fiber Rotary Laser Cutting Machine.

  • The Laser based rotary pipe cutter Patriot FR400 is a very cost effective and attractively priced system
  • Exhaust system manufacturers, piping manifold and flow distribution systems builders will be greatly benefitted.
  • Also as it can cut intricate profiles on a circular pipe of SS/MS up to 3 mm wall thickness, Interior designers, can now produce any shape and design.
  • The cutting is so accurate, that the product is almost ready to use or ready for Laser welding. This helps flow control and distribution system builders by saving all the traditional labor, time and wastage.


Laser Specification
Laser source Yb doped Compact Fiber Laser
Make SPI Laser
Wavelength 1070 ± 10 nm
Maximum modulation rate 100 kHz
Minimum pulse width <10 µS
Full angle divergence 3.5 mrad
M / Beam parameter <1.1 (nominal) <0.37 mm. mrad
Cooling Water Cooled
CNC Specification
Max Pipe length 2.0M
Max Pipe Dia 200 mm
Accuracy Positioning and Cutting ≤ ≤ 0.070 mm
Assist Gas Oxygen, Nitrogen
Assist Gas Pressure 0.3 Bar to 8 Bar (Regulated through laser Control)
Power Consumption 1 phase, 230 VAC, 4.5KW max
Software ScanCut R (accepting dxf of Acad)
Maximum wall thickness of pipe that can be cut 3mm / 400W power
Minimum wall thickness of pipe that can be cut 0.3mm / 75W power
Automation Beckhoff
Auto Focus Precitech Head.
Material S.S, M.S. Aluminium (1/4th of MS thickness for the rated laser power)

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